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Soft Furnishings

It takes an eye to get these things right! With an extensive history of working with soft furnishings, fabrics, and colours we feel well equipped to deliver the very best.


To dress a window correctly is an art, and believe it or not there are a lot of technicalities that need to be considered from fittings and fixtures, to proportions and scale down to the type of fabric to use. Silk for example will rot in a window that gets a lot of sunlight. Linen will shrink and grow depending on the climate, man-made fibres will hang differently to a natural cloth. It is all part of the design process to guide you through these decisions.


We are constantly kept up to date with the latest collections from all the top fabric houses and hold accounts with all the major brands. Samples can be obtained on request.


Works undertaken include;


-    curtains, swags and pelmets

-    blinds

-    shutters

-    cushions and bed covers

Furniture and Lighting

Just as soft furnishings requires an eye in terms of balance on composition, as does the placement, arrangement and specification of furniture and lighting. Think of your room as a canvas on which we paint a picture. Everything we put in it must balance, compliment and serve a purpose in the overall scheme.


Over the years we have built up an extensive library of furniture and lighting suppliers. One thing that I keep constant however is the quality as I believe things should not only be pretty to look at but built to last!

Rugs, accessories, and artwork

We work with some of the top suppliers and source beautifully hand-crafted quality rugs from around the world. To me, a beautiful rug or a stunning piece of artwork is sometimes the cherry on the cake. 

If there is a special print that you want re-framed to suit your new scheme we can do that too.

We have access to thousands of images and artwork prints together with a huge box of frames and mounts to choose from.


Accessories, well .. as a frustrated stylist, I love this part of the job and if you want something special - we will source it.

Restoration, Re-upholstery, Cleaning, and Removals

We understand that not everything you have will be brand spanking new and there are those special pieces that may need some attention over time.


Antiques require specialist care, and we work with experts in antique restoration. The same goes for re-upholstery. Sometimes a change of fabric and a restoration can give something a completely new lease of life and bring it up to date.


Carpet and furniture cleaning is something we also undertake for clients as well as specialist cleaning of hand-woven rugs and delicate upholstery.


It may be that we need to remove or store furniture whilst we undertake a project and we have that covered. Prices will be given upon quotation.

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