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Dweck Designs is a company built with love, hard work, strong values, and a passion for perfection.

The Berkshire business was started in 2009 after 10 years of experience working in show homes, high-end residential interior design and project management. My aim is to deliver a positive experience to my clients that lasts; a home that makes you smile, and an environment that can be as hard working as you are but with the ability to soothe when its time to wind down.

To me, good design is not just about making something beautiful, it is about creating something unique, functional and tailored to the individual; an environment that will bring out the best in them and enhance their life and way of living.


As a designer you must be fully in tune with the people you are working for and intuitive to their needs. .. and thats one of the things I love most about what I do, and why most clients ultimately become good friends. I enjoy forming strong relationships built on trust, openness, and honesty as this not only makes my job easier, it also gets the best out of people. I try and make the whole experience fun and engaged, after all this is your house, your life, your place of sanctuary. To me its important that you enjoy the journey getting there.


I’m proud to offer project management as part of my services, as this allows me to offer the full package and quite often before you can get started with the furnishing of a room, there are fundamental elements that need to be addressed such as electrics, plumbing, re-plastering, flooring and decorating.


I am lucky to have a team of excellent trades and crafts people to hand who work with me on a regular basis. It has taken me years to source the very best in the local area and they are also jolly nice people!

So do the project. Make it happen. Create your home. We will be with you every step of the way.

Emma Dweck of Dweck Designs
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